SHOWERGUARD / Cardinal 10

Repels water, soap scum & grime from your shower enclosure for beyond 10 years, all while making it easy to clean.

Surface Protection is an easy-clean treatment that repels both water and oil-based substances. The treatment has an ultra-long lasting bond to the glass that can only be removed by abrasion or products that would physically damage the glass. Resistant to UV degradation, temperature shock, and mineral etching.


The manufacturer warrants that the Surface Protection will remain water repellent to an easy-clean level, on clean glass for a period of 10 years from the date of the receipt provided by your installer.

NOTE: Visible streaking or swirling patterns may appear on the glass when the glass is steamed up. This is a normal occurrence and does not affect the performance of the surface protection. It is not visible when the shower is dry and not in use.


After each use simply drying with a squeegee or towel will keep the glass clean for a long period, and make it difficult for mineral spots to form.

The glass needs to be cleaned regularly using a damp microfiber cloth and a mild detergent (such as Dawn or 7th Generation) to break down soaps, oils, and conditioners, a quick clean will prevent a build-up forming on top of the glass protection. General glass cleaners are also suitable, however most of these are finishing agents rather than cleaners, and are an added expense that is not required.

Hard Water Maintenance

In hard water areas, or areas where water drops dry and leave a noticeable dust mark, a build-up of minerals may occur on the protective treatment. While these may not be removed easily with the mild detergent, mild acids will often remove the marks quickly. As needed, white vinegar should be used to wipe down the glass with a soft sponge. The vinegar may be diluted, however dilution reduces the effectiveness. Squeegeeing or wiping down after each use will stop these water drops drying into dust marks. In regions with high Silica in the water, the manufacturer recommends using a squeegee after EVERY use.

Prohibited Products

*Note these may damage the treatment and void any warranty

Do not use any rough, gritty or abrasive cleaners. The Protection can also be affected by cleaning products containing very strong alkalis and by modern mold removing agents containing a combination of bleach and sodium hydroxide.

  • Avoid harsh or chemical cleaners, with correct maintenance these are never required
  • Avoid abrasives or polishes, including water spot removers and even toothpaste
Approved Cleaning Products

There are no specific products that you are required to purchase in order to keep your glass clean. All you should need for beyond 10 years is a squeegee, a mild liquid dish soap, and white vinegar. Products such as Windex, SprayWay, Scrubbing Bubbles, 7th Generation, and Method are acceptable, however are not necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have not followed the cleaning recommendations and I have a build-up or spots on the glass?

It is likely this build-up is residing on the coating rather than directly on the glass. This is one of the main benefits; the glass underneath is still protected. Please first try CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) and a magic eraser to remove any build-up, then maintain the glass as recommended. If the build-up has developed over some time, it may take a little time to remove the debris but once the glass is clean again it will perform like new.

When I’m taking a shower, I can see a pattern on the glass. What’s that about?

Visible streaking or swirling patterns may appear on the glass when the glass is steamed up. This is a normal occurrence and does not affect the performance of the surface protection. It is not visible when the shower is dry and not in use.

Will the coating crack, peel or discolor over time?

No the coating is only 2 molecules thick and is invisible. It’s pretty much 1/1000th the size of a human hair to put that in perspective!

Will coating gradually wash off with each use?

No the product is permanent and can only be removed by abrasives or extreme alkalis. Normal cleaning over 10 years will not significantly affect the treatment, or remove the easy clean ability.

Does the coating get attacked by chemicals?

No. The only things that will damage the treatment are abrasives like water spot removers, or extreme alkalis.

Will the surface become patchy if the coating is worn off in any way?

No, the treatment is optically clear. In cases where the treatment has been removed by a prohibited substance you will simply notice the water is not beading in that area.

How long will the coating last?

With basic cleaning and avoiding any highlighted items which will damage the glass, the treatment will well outlast the 10-year performance warranty. At some point after this, you may notice the water does not bead up quite as well.